Individual therapy

Meet with a licensed or certified professional who has been trained and educated on substance use disorders as well as many Mental Health Disorders. During Individual Therapy, clients can expect to set realistic goals, learn coping skills, process trauma, and develop an effective Relapse Prevention Plan among other options!

Group Therapy

Meet with SUD Professionals (Counselors and Peer Support Specialists) as well as other clients for support, education, and activities to further progress in recovery. Topics include a variety of subjects including anger management, parenting skills, coping skills, education on alcohol and other drugs, benefits of a 12-step program, and mental health-related problems.

12-step program meetings and Celebrate Recovery

Transportation to a variety of 12-step program meetings including Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Celebrate Recovery. 12-step programs offer a support system for those struggling with a substance use disorder. This support tends to focus on working actionable steps to apply to the day-to-day routine of clients.

Peer Support

Nothing compares to having someone who has been in your shoes, walked through the mess of addiction then has been successful at restoring life through recovery. With Peer Support Services, clients are given the opportunity to meet with someone who has real-life experience with making long-term changes to their lives through recovery. Clients can participate in Peer Support groups, individual sessions, and Relapse Prevention Planning sessions.

Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Targeted Case Management aims in assisting individuals in gaining access to medical, educational, social, legal, and other services. Targeted Case Management services are in place to remove any barriers to treatment. TCM services are essential in helping clients to access services to meet goals that are outlined in the client-centered care plans. These things could be linking clients to community resources that help with food, housing, or clothing needs. TCM could also link clients to community resources that aid with transportation needs, employment needs, and aftercare planning.

Drug Court

The goal is always to intervene before engagement with the justice system occurs, but that is not always possible. Vital Behavioral Health offers a full continuum of treatment services to individuals involved in drug court. We serve as drug court team members and collaborate on planning for the enhancement of services. Peer support services can provide non-clinical benefits to those suffering from addiction and in need of addiction treatment. As well as providing emotional support, peer support also reinforces healthy information exchange and provides exposure to people who are dealing with similar substance use disorders and substance abuse.

Family Component

Recovery becomes just as necessary for the family as it is for the addict. It is important for family members to realize that they most often need help for themselves to be able to stop the behaviors of rescuing and enabling. They also need help and support as they recover emotionally and spiritually from the devastating effects of the disease. Vital is committed to being a part of the solution for families who are struggling with addiction.

Complementary Therapies

We offer therapies to complement our traditional offerings. Treatments such as art therapy or music therapy may be provided to clients. These treatments allow clients to tap into nonverbal ways of healing.

Vital Levels of Care

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